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Miss Eco International

The brief

Miss Eco International, an annual international beauty pageant, made its mark in Egypt, celebrating the beauty of both contestants and eco-tourism.

Our journey with this prestigious event began in 2017, and over the years, we provided comprehensive services to enhance the brand’s presence and deliver a seamless experience.

Branding and Event Material Design

Branding and Event Material Design

We crafted visually stunning billboards that adorned the city, capturing the essence of Miss Eco International.

Digital Banners:
Our digital banner designs ensured a consistent and captivating online presence, reaching a global audience.

Social Media Reels Video Shooting and Editing

We captured and edited captivating social media reels, providing a dynamic visual experience. These videos showcased the beauty, glamour, and eco-consciousness of Miss Eco International.

Website Development

We developed a user-friendly, responsive website that served as the hub for all Miss Eco International information. This included details about contestants, event schedules, and the crucial voting system that engaged the audience globally.

Miss Eco International has been a valued client since 2017, entrusting us with their brand's visual identity and digital presence. The ongoing partnership showcases the satisfaction and trust established over the years.


Our collaboration with Miss Eco International has been a journey of creativity, innovation, and successful brand elevation. From designing eye-catching materials to developing a robust online presence, our services have contributed to making Miss Eco International a renowned event in the global beauty pageant landscape.

As we look forward, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, ensuring Miss Eco International continues to shine as a beacon of beauty and environmental consciousness.